Burn, baby burn!

currently in post production!

Burn, Baby, Burn will be my final film at NYU. It will be a twenty minute dark romantic comedy.  The story is about Jason, a chef, who is hired by Kayla, his ex, to cater her wedding party.  This is a film about letting go of the things we hold on to that are holding us back.

Burn, Baby, Burn will be directed by J. Anthony Roman. Currently, our team is 80% female. Scrol down to get to know our crew and cast! Produced by: Pinar Binay, Sophia Loren Heriveaux, Alanna Finn, Daniel Choi, and Max Woetendyke. Starring: Richard Cines, Rachel Cora Wood, Liz Sweeney and Steve Remeika!

our crew

Director of Photography: Kaya Tone is a writer, director, cinematographer in her junior year at NYU Tisch School of the Arts for her BFA in Film and TV. An award winning filmmaker with a passion for unique projects, she believes that storytelling has the power to cross culture, race, and time. Creative, engaging and determined, Kaya challenges the viewer to see unique perspectives on untold stories.

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Assistant Director: Sarah Nocquet is a junior from Paris, France, studying Film & TV at NYU. During her time in NY, she has worked as a script supervisor to learn  more about directing on set. Sarah has been a script supervisor, and assistant director, for several NYU intermediate and thesis films, a few TV episodes, and is set to work on two feature films next  summer. She often mentors students looking to start script supervising, and her templates have been widely circulated on NYU sets


Production Designer: Agatha Szczepaniak PR Maven. People Connector. Idea Creator. Globetrotter.


Producer: Pinar Binay is a young creator living in New York City.  She is writing/directing her own movies as well as producing different level NYU projects. Her most current producing work includes a period piece, 40 Nickels and a dark comedy, Cocktail Confessional.

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Producer: Sophia Loren Heriveaux s a freshman at NYU Tisch studying film and television. Although young to the filmmaking scene, Sophia has previously been a student at New Jersey Film School, Savannah College of Art and Design, as well as New York Film Academy. She was the director of her high school's film department, and produced films for herself and clients under "Goldfin Films". Now in college, Sophia has contributed to several NYU Intermediate and Advanced film sets, and is excited to be working on "Burn, Baby, Burn"!


Producer: Alanna Ann Finn worked on a number of reality TV productions, including MTV’s infamous "Jersey Shore." Prior to her time in reality TV, Alanna was a local TV news producer in New York City at NY1, covering everything from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to hurricanes. Alanna has extensive experience in producing, shooting, editing, pre and post-production, and wrangling talent. Alanna also ran production for celebrity and luxury real estate videos for an in-house content team at a real estate company, some of which received the most views for any company content created at the time.


Producer: Danny Choi is an aspiring director, currently preparing his thesis film at NYU. His most extensive experience as a crew member is behind the camera, with numerous credits on student short films as Director of Photography or Assistant Camera. His Intermediate Narrative, currently in post-production, has been mentioned in the SAG-AFTRA Magazine. He currently works as a ramen cook.

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Producer: Max Woertendyke, New York native, is a producer, director and actor and graduate of McGill University and the Juilliard School of Drama where he co-founded the Film Festival at Juilliard. He is the founder of G44 Productions which has been involved in the production of six short films, a 12-part web series, two internet commercials and is currently developing two full length features. Max was also co-founded Backyart -- a multi disciplinary arts event that showcased work from over 250+ individual artists and collectives (including Anthony Roman) working in all mediums over it’s three-year life span.


Sound Mixer: Iris Liu is a director and sound mixer in New York City. She is currently a student at NYU Tisch Film and Television Program

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Jason: Richard Caines was raised in Medford Massachusetts. He attended Emerson College where he received a B.F.A. in Theatre. His film credits include Ben Affleck's The Town.  He currently has 2 films on Amazon Prime, First Impressions and BANGO.


Kayla: Rachel Cora Wood has been a professional actor in New York City and a dedicated member of SAG-AFTRA and AEA for 8 years. Her film work includes National Treasure: Book of Secrets and Shifting Past by Julie Pacino. TV work: Fox’s Past Life with Kelly Gidish and Big Dogs with Michael Neeson. Cora donates 2% of all her earnings to Young Storytellers, a theater and writing non profit for young people.  

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Liz Sweeney is a director, actor, and mother. Born and raised in the Bronx, she studied at Marymount Manhattan College, and received her MA in Applied Theater at CUNY. Liz has dedicated her career to running theater programs for NNYC youth, as well as senior citizens. She is the founder and director of The Park Avenue Youth Theater, an ensemble of students ages 4 through 18, which meets weekly to develop original theater.

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Steve Remeika most recently appeared in The Call Center with Primary Stages/ESPA. His film and TV work include Staten Island, Exhibit 42, and Patient. He has trained within the MFA acting program at Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University and with the American Conservatory Theater


Diaka Kaba Hill is a Malian-American actress.  She was born in Bamako, Mali and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Favorite credits include Don’t Drink The Water (Players Of Utica), Last Chance Romance (Ilion Little Theater Club), A Midsummer Night's Dream (Players Of Utica), The Last Days Of Judas Iscariot (Outcast Theater, Edinburgh Fringe Festival), Auction Block to Hip-Hop (Florence Gould Theater), and Platanos and Collard Greens (Palace Theater).  TV Credits:  Monsters Inside Me (Optomen Productions, Animal Planet), All I Want (The Violent Femmes), Wrong Side Of Love (The Knockout Drops). diakakaba.com


Kavita Parekh is a New York based filmmaker. Born and bred in South Texas, she developed an interest in film, TV, and theatre at an early age. After winning Best Student Short at Austin Revolution Film Festival, she interned at the festival, serving as one of the short film judges. Today, she’s in her final year at NYU Tisch studying film production with a minor in mathematics.