As mentioned in the bio (AREN’T YOU FOLLOWING ALONG WITH THE STORY?!!!!) I have a history in the theater. Here are some highlights: 



 Locombia is a travelogue of my journey to Bogota, Colombia, that explores the frustrations and limitations one faces while being poor in a third world country, and being broke in the USA. The story flows from tourist observation, to the frantic musings of a fish out of water, stuck in a foreign country, without the cash to escape.  Told in short chapters, music and projection that creates a synergy which transports the audience to the world of Locombia.

Locombia was a lot of hard work and an unforgettable experience. My last play to date. My first play where I incorporated live music and projection! It was kind of a one person show, but I used five actors to play me, and they represented different aspect of the characters personality. It ran at University Settlement 9/26-28th 2013.

Directed by Jill DeArmon

Starring Adam Cohen, Bobby Roman, Rebeka Pinon-Cassidy, Gillian Glasco, and Johnny Sanchez

Produced by J. Anthony Roman, Diaka Kaba-Hill, and Erin Cherry 

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DJ and music producer “Adam the Perv” has just cheated on the woman he loves…and he intends to do it again and again. Adam’s hard-pressed beliefs on society’s unrealistic views on monogamy and his possible sex addiction are about to be brutally combated when Adam finally confronts the woman he loves about his ways. Her staggering revelation will test his loyalty to ONE woman like never before.

Perv was first workshopped at Labyrinth theater company’s Summer Intensive, directed by Jill DeArmon and performed by Ana Ortiz. It was a one woman show, with the actor having to play Adam, and his three ex’s.  The play was picked up by The Overturn Theater Company. Rosal Colon was initially cast, but she got a role in Broadway’s The Motherfucker With The Hat, so Dorothy Abrahams stepped up and killed it! Perv ran 4/10/11-4/11/11

Directed by Jill DeArmon

Starring Dorothy Abrahams

Produced by The Overturn Theater Company and The Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe



In 1977, Eddy and his wife Sarah attempt to create a loving home for themselves and their baby, James, in a Hell’s Kitchen apartment.  After an artistic failure, Eddy’s losses control of his drug habit and questions if he is strong enough to repair his life enough to be a father, husband, and provider for his family as an artist. In 2003, James is grown with a family of his own. An artist, just like his father, James is a photographer who wonders if his art is as authentic as his father’s was. When a conflict with his wife escalates on the day of the 2003 blackout, James questions if staying in the place he was raised in, and with his family, is right for his life and art. 

My first full length, full run!  My last full length at Center Stage, NY! It was affirming to see something I worked on for so long finally go up. The cast worked harder on this more than anything I’ve ever done.  October 8th – 24th 2009 at Center Stage NY

Directed by Jill DeArmon

Starring Max Woertendyke, Jamie Klassel, Zachary Fletcher, and Lisa Snyder

Produced by Lisa Snyder, Jennifer Conley Darling, Amanda Feldman, and Derek W. Shore 

Favorable Review

No Matinees


This was a collection of my favorite one acts. I got to do this show with a lot of my friends. One of my favorite productions ever. 6/10/08-6/15/08 at Center Stage NY.

Directed by Kim Howard (AKA Essence Revealed), David Mitnowsky, Patricia Runcie, David Anzuelo, Jill DeArmon, and Mauricio Alexander

Starring: Faryl Amadeus, Nick Amadeus, Tracy Perez, Liz Sweeney, Steve Remeika, Max Woertendyke, Jenny Gomez, Kevin Prowse, Jessica Asch, Jay Devore, Jamie Klassel, Hasani Issa, Mauricio Alenxander and Jinn S. Kim

Produced by Tracy Perez, Diaka Kaba-Hill, and Gordon Gano